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Integrity & it's constituent parts

Bishop has an interesting way of breaking down integrity into smaller parts. Further to his brief definition of integrity being the trustworthiness of data/resources in terms of preventing unwarranted changes, he says that it is made up of 2 parts:

  • Data integrity [The content of the information remains untampered with]
  • Origin Integrity [The credibility / trustworthiness of the origin of the data/information]

He further describes the ways of ensuring that integrity is maintained as follows:

Prevention Mechanisms:

  • Blocking any unauthorized attempts to change the data
  • Blocking any attempts to change the data in unauthorized ways [i.e. One may have the duty to manipulate data using a certain way/method, but may use different unauthorized ways to do the same].

Detection Mechanisms:

  • Simply reporting that the data’s integrity is no longer trustworthy.
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