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Executables and Shared Libraries

So i’ve known about Windows DLL’s and shared objects in Linux/Unix but hadn’t realized that the concept exists in MacOS also. I haven’t owned any Apple products, so clearly i have poor insight into the OS


  • Windows -> DLL’s (Dynamic Link Libraries)
  • Linux -> .so files (Shared Objects)
  • MacOS -> Dylib’s (Dynamic libraries) and Frameworks

They seem to serve the same purpose in general, but I suppose each has their own particular intricacies tied to the way the OS uses executables.

On DLL Hijacking:

Unexpected loading DLL’s from expected/ unexpected locations

  • Using web locations
  • Hijacking DLL loading order
  • Hijacking paths

If you control the binary, you can control the DLL’s.

You can still control the DLL’s, even if you don’t control the binary, if the binary does not enforce / check the paths or the signatures of the DLL’s.

Current solutions:

  • DLL signing
  • Binary/Executable Signing


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